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“It's no secret that there are more men than women in politics. What has been a long held secret is that working with our male counterparts doesn't have to be a struggle; they often want to achieve the same things we do. They just may go about it in a different way.  Roxanne Rivera, in her book There's No Crying in Business, does an excellent job of highlighting this and other similarities.  She also shows that men and women working together can achieve much more than men and women divided. I recommend her book to my female colleagues, young and old!”
~Christine Todd Whitman, Former Governor of New Jersey (1994 - 2001); Former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (2001 - 2003)

"Most of us who have thrived in a 'man's world' don't even think about the skills and tricks we learned along the way. Roxanne Rivera's There's No Crying in Business makes them explicit with good humor and stories from the real world."  
 ~Former Congresswoman Heather Wilson

“At WIPP, our goal is to educate women on economic policy and legislative issues so that they can have a strong voice and become strong advocates for the issues that are important to them. We are proud to have Roxanne Rivera as one of our members. With this great book, Roxanne proves that not only does she have an incredible handle on the issues and policies that are affecting women today, but she is also an undeniable advocate for women in business.

“Every page of There’s No Crying in Business is filled with invaluable information that will help the women who read it get ahead, not only in male-dominated businesses, but in the business world as a whole. Especially important is the chapter Roxanne devotes to the importance of getting involved in the legislative process at both the local and national levels. Roxanne’s message is clear—political involvement on some level is crucial if you want to succeed in business—at WIPP, we second that! What a great gift from such a successful woman to all those women who are just starting out or who need a little boost to help them get ahead. A truly wonderful read!”
~Barbara Kasoff, President
Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP)

“Women entrepreneurs will find this book irresistible! In There’s No Crying in Business, Roxanne Rivera acts as a true advocate for present and future women entrepreneurs by providing an easy-to-read overview of all of the lessons she’s learned during her years as a female business owner. Though she focuses on male-dominated industries, the advice she provides will benefit women regardless of what industry their business happens to be in. From how to communicate with men to how to work harder and smarter than our male counterparts to how to become a person of influence, it’s all there! If entrepreneurial success is what you’re seeking, this book will prove to be a wonderful survival guide to have on your office book shelf!”
~Karen Kerrigan, President and CEO
Women Entrepreneurs, Inc.

“This book would make an excellent gift for a woman entering her career field.  It contains excellent advice on working with men as a boss/peer/subordinate.  Setting boundaries and establishing priorities are essential to a successful career for anyone, and especially for women working in a male-dominated industry.  The book's later chapters offer very wise ways in which to grow professionally through community involvement and serving on boards.  I strongly concur with Roxanne's stressing the importance of maintaining supportive relationships with other female professionals.  This has certainly been important to me in building my company and enhancing my personal life.”
~Theresa Kern, USA National President, Women Construction Owners & Executives; President of MA Steel Erectors, Chicago, Illinois

“Today there are approximately 10 million women-owned businesses, and they represent the fastest-growing segment of the economy. Our goal at NAWBO is to help propel these women business owners to power and success in the economic, political, and social spheres. Roxanne Rivera serves as a great voice and leader for the women we represent. The tools and strategies Roxanne outlines in There’s No Crying in Business are all-encompassing. She provides timeless and timely advice on how women can make a difference in each of those aforementioned spheres. Women business owners should keep this great book on their shelves, and let Roxanne serve as an example of the great heights we women in business can achieve!”
~Wendy Lopez, Chair
National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

“Finally, a how-to book of how women can work day-to-day in a male-dominated business (MDB)! Male-dominated businesses are defined! Are you not being taken seriously or are you being perceived as a bitch because you might be too assertive? This book will teach the history of male-dominated businesses and how you can excel in your company with communication and acceptance. You'll understand the idea that it's not about changing the people, it's about changing the way you work within the system. You'll hear that ‘listening’ is your most famous power as a woman in a man's world, and you'll also learn how to ‘just say no’ to certain requests (and be respected for it!). And finally, you'll know how to balance work and life when you have a family while not having it affect your perception of being "on board." Your best bet when it comes to decision-making in a male-dominated business is taking the middle ground to get your point across. A great read for any woman who is interested in working in a male-dominated business.” 
~Janine Popick
CEO and Founder, VerticalResponse, Inc.; Blogger, Inc. Magazine

“Latina entrepreneurs are the leading agent of change in our community. Their entrepreneurship creates wealth, jobs, and a future for over 500,000 employees. Their impact is felt throughout the country. Roxanne has captured the essence of women’s entrepreneurship in this commendable book. Commitment to hard work, the ability to overcome obstacles, resilience, and the willingness to act on one’s dreams are at the core of women’s entrepreneurship. Latinas excel in all those qualities, and as the title indicates, they understand very clearly that ‘There’s no crying in business’—only more hard work. Congratulations!”
~Robert E. Bard
President and CEO, LATINA Style Inc.

“Not only is There’s No Crying in Business a pleasure to read, but Roxanne’s use of interviews and success stories from other women makes her book difficult to put down. What a great compilation of information for women by women! And while every chapter teaches a vital lesson, I must admit I especially loved the chapter that preached the importance of having a strong network of supportive women to help you on your path to success…truer words have never been written! Great job, Roxanne! You will help so many women with this book!”
~Leslie Grossman, Cofounder
Women’s Leadership Exchange

“With There’s No Crying in Business, Roxanne Rivera has put together a great compilation of advice from her own laudable career as well as stories and advice from notable women from all walks of life. Roxanne is certainly an inspiring role model for any woman who is striving for success in a male-dominated industry. To top off all of the great information she provides in her book, Roxanne encourages her readers to get involved in forming the policies that affect their professional lives—something I also believe and practice through my role on the National Women’s Business Council and other channels. The more women who choose to become involved in finding solutions for fellow women professionals and entrepreneurs, as Roxanne has done in life and in her new book, the better off the next generation of women in business will be!”
~Wendi Goldsmith
President and Founder, The Bioengineering Group, Inc.; Appointed Member, National Women’s Business Council

“It’s no secret that to gain success in business, women must take the reins, work together, fight for equity, and change the culture of businesses from the inside out to advance more women—all without compromising their authentic selves. PINK hopes to do this with every Little PINK Book e-Note we send out. And after reading There’s No Crying in Business, there’s no doubt that Roxanne Rivera is a PINK woman—and that pink hard hat on the cover wasn’t the only giveaway! She’s packed her book with advice to help women make bold strides in their chosen fields, fight for equality on the national and local levels, and create a Life/Work balance that allows them to have a beautiful business and a beautiful life.”
~Cynthia Good, Founding Editor and CEO of PINK—The Women’s Business Media Group

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